1. Sweet Corn Products Llc Cardinal Caged Tube Bird Feeder

    Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 7 Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

  2. Droll Yankees Covered Platform Tray Bird Feeder

    The Covered Platform Feeder puts bird selectivity in your hands and can be used for a plethora of food types. Adjustable cover protects food from the elements and can be moved up or down the hanging rod to control which birds can access the feeder. Birds feed from a tray below that features drainage holes to keep food fresh. The clear, UV stabilized polycarbonate construction also means that you will always have an open view of feeding birds. Such a durable construction wont yellow or crack... Overall: 11.25 H x 15 W x 15 D Overall Product Weight: 4.19lb.

  3. YardCraft Beak 'N' Feathers Cupola Decorative Bird Feeder

    The Beak N Feathers Cupola Decorative Bird Feeder is constructed of maintenance-free cellular PVC and capped or accented with copper. Please their feathered friends while adding style to your outdoor decor. Overall: 28 H x 12 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 13lb.

  4. Couronne Tray Bird Feeder

    Observe your favorite birds dining in style with this charming metal and recycled glass bird feeder. Designed without drainage to hold mealworms, suet pellets, jelly, or flower seeds, its sure to attract Bluebirds, Orioles, Juncos or beloved Songbirds depending on your location and season. Use as a single feeder or link several vertically to accommodate a greater number of birds. Individually gift boxed and ready for giving. Hand-wash only.rn Overall: 7 H x 6 W x 4 D Overall Product Weight: 0.84lb.

  5. Victor Pest Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

    Overall: 10 H x 5.5 W x 5.5 D

  6. Artline Red Barn Nyjer/Thistle Decorative Bird Feeder

    Overall: 11.5 H x 9 W x 12.75 D

  7. No/No Feeder Original Caged Nyjer/Thistle Feeder

    Overall: 11.8 H x 9.8 W x 9.8 D Overall Product Weight: 5lb.

  8. Creative Co-Op Secret Garden Tray Bird Feeder

    Overall: 31 H x 12.8 W x 12.8 D Overall Product Weight: 3.3lb.

  9. Peaktop Outdoor Dragonfly Fusion Glass Decorative Bird Feeder (Set of 6)

    Garden art makes the perfect housewarming, birthday or anniversary gift for friends or family. Overall: 31.5 H x 8.1 W x 8.1 D

  10. Classic Brands LLC Abundance Nyjer/Thistle Tube Bird Feeder

    Appropriately named Abundance, Abundance songbird feeder can accommodate a large quantity of bird seed allowing you to attract an abundant amount of birds! And by selecting which seed to serve, you choose your birds. Stay full ports ensure that seed is evenly distributed, even when the seed gets low. The large, wide mouth tube is easy to fill and easy to clean. The Abundance songbird feeder is sure to keep hungry birds happy for years to come. Overall: 13.6 H x 7.3 W x 7.3 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

  11. Birds Choice Magnet Mesh Nyjer/Thistle Feeder

    Birds Choice Patented Magnet Mesh Nyjer Bird Feeder. Tests prove that this patented mesh screen will attract up top double the number of birds than other mesh on the market. Overall: 24 H x 5 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

  12. Birds Choice 7 Quart 2-Sided Recycled Suet Bird Feeder

    This awesome 7 quart hopper holds lots of seed and also has 2 places for suet cakes. The feeder base extends out of each side to catch the excess seed. Make all of your favorite birds happy with this feeder made of recycled poly-lumber guaranteed to never crack, split or fade. Overall: 13 H x 16 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 10lb.

  13. Heritage Farms Red Barn Decorative Hopper Bird Feeder

    Overall: 12.75 H x 11.5 W x 9 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

  14. Evergreen Flag & Garden Hanging Decorative Bird Feeder

    Overall: 9.75 H x 10.25 W x 10.25 D Overall Product Weight: 2.2lb.

  15. Birds Choice Forever Nyjer/Thistle Feeder

    Birds Choice forever feeder features stainless steel screen, molded durable acrylic top and bottom, center seed diverter, drainage holes and are easy to fill. Hanging cable is attached to the center rod assembly Easy to fill and clean with one rod assemble to release spring loaded clips Stainless steel screen

  16. Zingz & Thingz Squirrely Wildlife Decorative Tray Bird Feeder

    His bushy tail is the perfect spot to put birdfeed or other woodland creature snacks! This polyresin yard dcor will bring you fine feathered and furry friends. Overall: 6 H x 7 W x 4 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

  17. Home Bazaar Cottage Charmer Series Windy Ridge Decorative Bird Feeder

    Comes with a mounting plate that allows easy placement on a wooden and an ingenious steel cable to hang the feeder. But wait, theres more! A matching birdhouse with the same great design. Both the feeder and the house make great gift items! Overall: 11 H x 9.5 W x 9.5 D Overall Product Weight: 6.4lb.

  18. H. Potter Steel Umbrella Tray Bird Feeder

    Made from powder-coated metal with brass accents. Attractive new copper metallic finish from H Potter. Deep, rich, powder-coated finish not only attractive, but protects the feeder from the elements. Overall: 13 H x 13.5 W x 13.5 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

  19. Perky Pet Lantern Decorative Hopper Bird Feeder

    Overall: 10.75 H x 8.2 W x 8.2 D

  20. Birds Choice 11 Quart 4-Sided Cedar Tray Bird Feeder

    Natural cedar 11 quart 4-sided hopper feeder that provides 4 sides of bird viewing. Easy filling seed by lifting the hinged roof, removable seed tray with a wood seed diverter ensures that the seed will stay dry. Overall: 15 H x 19 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 10lb.

  21. Birdscapes The Preserve Caged Tube Bird Feeder

    Overall: 16.02 H x 8.56 W x 3 W x 17.6 D Overall Product Weight: 2.21lb.

  22. Perky Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Country Style Hopper Bird Feeder

    Overall: 13.88 H x 14 W x 11.13 D Overall Product Weight: 4.45lb.

  23. Zenport Platform Tray Bird Feeder

    The Zenport in 1 platform feeder is the most versatile feeder, offering multiple ways to feed birds. Open design to view birds from any angle. Mount to bird feeder pole or hang from a hook. Mount with ground post for feeding squirrels, critters and ground feeding birds. Durable, heavy duty metal construction with weather resistant finish. Removable grid for use to keep larger birds from throwing seed on the ground, remove brid when feeding squirrels and critters. Overall: 2 H x 12 W x 16 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

  24. Plow & Hearth Window-Mount See-Through Tray Bird Feeder

    Our Window-Mount See-Through Clear Plastic Bird Feeder gives you a close-up view of the birds that come to feed. Clear plastic feeder features a two-way mirror, enabling you to see the birds but birds see their own reflection.rnrnGreat entertainment for kids and cats, and a wonderful way to appreciate the finer details that are hard to see from a distance. Holds any kind of seed. Mounts with suction cups.rnrn This Window-Mount See-Through Clear Plastic Bird Feeder from Plow & Hearth brings... Overall: 7 H x 4.5 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 1.3lb.

  25. Desert Steel Helliconia Decorative Bird Feeder

    Add a tropical flair to your outdoor dcor with this exotic blooming bird feeder. Designed to mimic the real flower and this ground stake ornament will add a pop of color to any garden while the refillable seed trays will keep the local bird life visiting your outdoor space. Overall: 42 H x 12 W x 4 D Overall Product Weight: 6lb.

  26. Perky Pet Mason Hummingbird Feeder

    The Mason Hummingbird Feeder will not only attract hummingbirds near and far, but it will also add a vintage touch to your yard! The blue color of the glass bottle is reminiscent of vintage blue glass canning jars used in the 1800s. With its 32 fl oz capacity, this large capacity feeder will keep your hummingbirds coming back time and time again. The metal base and 5 flower feeding ports are easy to clean. Simply unscrew the bottle from the base and clean in warm soapy water its that easy! Overall: 8.5 H x 7.5 W x 7.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.7lb.

  27. Woodstream Wildbird Squirrel Stumper Caged Tube Bird Feeder

    Overall: 13.25 H x 6.63 W x 5.75 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

  28. Home Bazaar Columbia Covered Bridge Tray Bird Feeder

    The fly through Columbia Covered Bridge Tray Bird Feeder is a tribute to this staple of 19th Century engineering ingenuity. Perfect for any setting, this feeder is constructed of recycled and reclaimed wood with a metal non-removable roof. Finished with whitewashed outdoor paint. The large, open area can be filled with seed or can easily accommodate a piece of fruit for Orioles to enjoy. A custom-fit mounting plate makes installation to a standard wooden 4 x 4 or fence post. Overall: 16 H x 25 W x 14 D Overall Product Weight: 21lb.

  29. Aspects Inc Hummzinger Ultran Hummingbird Feeder

    Overall: 2.25 H x 7.87 W x 8.37 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

  30. Good Directions Palazzo Tube Bird Feeder

    Its traditional and modern. The all-new Palazzo Bird Feeder by Good Directions combines the classic lines of eastern design with contemporary Western flair. This easy-to-clean tube feeder, is topped with a polished copper, pagoda-style roof. Handsome rivets embellish each edge for a distinctive, eye-catching effect. The lipped feeding tray with convenient drain holes built in prevents waste and keeps seed dry for your feathered friends. Overall: 15.5 H x 2.25 W x 7.25 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

  31. Birch Lane™ Nestling Decorative Tray Bird Feeder

    Your feathered friends will feel right at home in this hanging birds nest feeder complete with two constant companions. Overall: 9 H x 8 W x 7 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

  32. Droll Yankees New Generation Peanut Tube Bird Feeder

    Droll Yankees New Generation Metal Peanut Feeder is constructed primarily of stainless steel mesh that is the perfect size for shelled peanuts or peanut mixes and is also suitable for black oil sunflower seeds. This peanut feeder is sure to attract many woodpeckers and other birds to your yard. Its stainless steel bail wire is long lasting and chew-proof and the green, zinc die cast tops and bases will last a lifetime. The metal perches are designed so that they wont hurt birds feet and... Overall: 13 H x 6 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 5lb.

  33. Perky Pet Sunflower Seed and Peanut Nyjer/Thistle Feeder

    Overall: 11 H x 3.25 W x 3.25 D Overall Product Weight: 4.62lb.

  34. Perky Pet Basket Planter Hummingbird Feeder

    Overall: 13.1 H x 5.3 W x 2 D

  35. Aspects Inc Hummzinger Excel Hummingbird Feeder

    Overall: 2 H x 9 W x 9 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

  36. Droll Yankees Double Cake Suet Bird Feeder

    Overall: 17 H x 6 W x 2 D Overall Product Weight: 0.67lb.

  37. Exhart Solar Tube Bird Feeder

    Elegant and classic, this bronze and glass solar bird feeder automatically light up at dusk, enchanting birds from near and far. A beautiful addition to enliven your outdoor ambiance! Overall: 12.5 H x 8.5 W x 8.5 D Overall Product Weight: 5lb.

  38. Wind & Weather Bloom Calliope Hummingbird Feeder

    Brings your yard into bloom with this Bloom Calliope Hummingbird Feeder. Hang this aqua-colored recycled glass hummingbird feeder in your favorite yard and garden spot and watch the hummers flock to it from miles around! This feeder is delicately crafted from embossed recycled glass, making it a sustainable and green choice for your yard. Hummingbirds will love the vivid blues and reds that are bright as they are, and multiple feeding ports will allow your feeder to become a hummingbird haven!... Overall: 7 H x 8 W x 11 D Overall Product Weight: 2.38lb.

  39. Droll Yankees New Generation Flocker Finch Tube Bird Feeder

    New Generation collection Wont chip or fade Snug fitting sliding cap Color: Yellow/ Clear Made in the USA

  40. Birds Choice Double Suet Bird Feeder

    Double Suet Bird Feeder with wire cage for around a feeder to keep squirrels, grackles, starlings and other big birds out! Stop feeding other larger birds, this wire cage around your double suet feeder will hep! 2 suet cakes capacity, hanging cable. Overall: 21 H x 13 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 5lb.

  41. Droll Yankees Ruby Sipper® Duo Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

    Double the Ruby Sipper fun. A perfect pairing of whimsy and practical performance. These feeders float gracefully on a stainless steel hanging wire. The eye-catching ruby red covers attract hummingbirds instantly. The clear dishes keep the nectar levels visible. Featuring a leak-proof design and a 5 oz. Capacity in each feeder. UV stabilized polycarbonate construction will stand up to the elements. A Perfect Little Brush included to keep feeder ports clean and the perfect nectar recipe is... Overall: 4 H x 11 W x 4.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.75lb.

  42. SPI Home Gossiping Birds Tray Bird Feeder

    Overall: 34 H x 23.5 W x 17.5 D Overall Product Weight: 8lb.

  43. World Source Partners Original Large Seed Decorative Bird Feeder

    Overall: 6.69 H x 6.69 W x 13.39 D Overall Product Weight: 1.81lb.

  44. Audubon/Woodlink Munch House Squirrel Feeder

    Overall: 9.75 H x 13.5 W x 6.125 D Overall Product Weight: 3.2lb.

  45. Creative Co-Op Cast Iron Decorative Tray Bird Feeder

    Overall: 8 H x 7.87 W x 3.37 D Overall Product Weight: 3.15lb.

  46. Designer Stone, Inc Bird on Shell Decorative Tray Bird Feeder

    Overall: 5 H x 9.5 W x 10 D Overall Product Weight: 7lb.

  47. Birds Choice Choice Clever Clean Tube Bird Feeder with Wire Cage

    Choice Clever Clean Tube Bird Feeder with Wire Cage for around a feeder to keep squirrels, grackles, starlings and other big birds out! This clever clean feeder features a quick way to clean, simply twist and release base. 2 feeding ports. Overall: 16 H x 12 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

  48. Birds Choice Recycled Gazebo Tube Bird Feeder

    Birds Choice Beautiful Gaze Bell Bird Feeder is made with a hand spun buffed copper top treated with a lacquered finish. The base is made from white recycled poly lumber for a maintenance free lifetime. Stainless steel feeder holds 0.5 quarts of seed. Overall: 24 H x 24 W x 16 D Overall Product Weight: 19lb.

  49. Cole & Grey Traditional Heart Shaped Tray Bird Feeder

    Rustic reflections bird with birdfeeder, white heart-shaped bowl with gray lining on mouth, features 2 birds leaning on the bowl, white finish on body, gray finish on wings, gold finish on beaks and feet. Overall: 6 H x 12 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 1.5lb.

  50. Heritage Farms Absolute II Hopper Bird Feeder

    Overall: 14.5 H x 20.5 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 7.5lb.

  51. 1000 West Inc Hanging Platform Tray Bird Feeder

    This Hanging Platform Bird Feeder offers plenty of perch space and bird-watching visibility. This easy fill platform feeder attracts a wide variety of birds and is equipped with cedar plank floor and drainage slats. Durably constructed using renewable and rust resistant screws. Overall: 2.25 H x 12.4 W x 12.4 D Overall Product Weight: 1.9lb.

  52. Woodstream Perky Pet Soda Antique Soda Bottle Feeder

    The Perky Pet Soda Antique Soda Bottle Feeder is one of Perky-Pet brands most popular decorative feeders used to attract hummingbirds. The elegance and style of the glass antique bottle, along with its brushed copper accents will add a touch of class to any bird lovers yard. This decorative feeder is a breeze to fill and clean, just unscrew the bottle from the base. Its that easy! Hummingbirds near and far will make this feeder a regular stop. Overall: 10.1 H x 5.5 W x 5.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

  53. Droll Yankees Classic Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder

    Overall: 34 H x 7 W x 7 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

  54. Gerson International 3 Piece Butterfly Decorative Tray Bird Feeder Set

    Overall: 21 H x 13 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 15.77lb.